Section - Foods with Sugar

Hardwired for sugar

Humans evolved over millions of years and, for almost all of that time, modern technology was not available to help provide the steady food supply we now take for granted.  Our early ancestors who craved sugar had a survival advantage over those who didn’t.  They would overeat when foods containing sugar were plentiful.  Unused calories were stored in the body as fat, and provided a reserve energy supply during periods of famine.  Evolution is why we crave sugar. 

Up to 90% of foods contain sugar or a sweetener

Sugar is pervasive in the modern diet because it’s cheap and it makes food irresistible.  Food companies hide it on nutrition labels under dozens of names including cane juice, agave nectar, and dextrose. Of course it’s plentiful where you’d expect it: in soda, ice cream, and cookies.  But it’s also in bread, cereal, salty snacks, and salad dressings. Some brands of granola, yogurt, and fruit juice have as much sugar per serving as an ice cream sundae. 

More on sugar cravings

Scientific studies have confirmed what you’ve experienced your whole life; an initial taste of sugar immediately increases your desire for more. Whether the sweetness comes from an apple (nothing against apples, we love them!), a donut or a non-caloric sugar substitute, the physiological effect is the same.  Sweet taste causes you to crave more.  It’s why you want that second bite even more than the first.  It’s why you continue to crave even after you’re full.  Crave Crush can break this cycle and help reduce cravings in seconds.

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