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Gina Tsang

"I was skeptical to try this product; even as I was taking the first tablet, I was convinced that if it worked, it would be all in my head. Nope. As soon as that little tablet hit my tongue, I did not want to eat a single bite--sweet or not. It's been a good forty minutes now and I am watching my family eat some of my favorite ice cream, but I have no desire to eat even one bite. The thought of that makes me feel sick. To be honest, the taste of these isn't all that great, and it probably contributes a lot to the fact that I don't want to eat or drink anything, but it's so worth it. Would I recommend these to a friend? Absolutely."

Heather Ertel

"I love taking Crave Crush in the afternoon, at the time I start feeling a strong sugar craving come on. As soon as Crave Crush dissolves my tongue my sugar craving is gone! It is also great to take right after dinner. The single serve packs are perfect to take with me on the go."

Serenity Heegel

"I went to take a tiny bite of chocolate an hour after a Crave Crush and it was SO GROSS. That's exactly what I want Crave Crush to do for me! I take 1 lozenge after lunch, and sometimes dinner on those especially stressful days, when my willpower evaporates. Two thumbs up for the minty taste."

Suleyka Martinez

"I have very strong cravings and it takes me a lot of will power to control them. With Crave Crush, I have found I am able to be more control of my cravings. I am able to stop obsessing over the food I think I need because that's what I'm craving."

Jesse Pena

"I love my supplements, especially my protein powders and amino acids. The problem is, they're so sweet which makes me crave sugar. I take Crave crush after these supplements to actually STOP my sugar cravings in their tracks. It's helped me tremendously!"

Shelley Klement

I received samples of this Crave Crush at a race expo and could not believe the immediate effect it had on my sugar cravings! After finishing the samples, I instantly ordered more CraveCrush online. I take 1-2 CraveCrush after lunch and another one mid-afternoon before hitting the gym. I love the mint taste. I also love that if I do end of eating something after taking a CraveCrush, it makes the food have a bland taste, making me want to stop great is that!!! I keep a bottle of CraveCrush at work, in my lunchbox, and in my purse, so it's always close by.

Josh Thomason

As a runner, coach, and teacher, I help my clients find healthier options with low glycemic foods and less empty carbs. Crave Crush helps beat sugar cravings….my clients go for sweet potatoes over cake easily.

Lesley Amy

I love Crave Crush. I use it to stop the late night snacking and it works so well! I have been able to completely cut sweets out of my diet and always feel refreshed after the blast of mint!

Amy Tirpak

Crave Crush is amazing! I've always had a weakness for sweets, especially in the evening. Now I just take this after dinner, and I no longer give in to those cravings. It's pretty genius!

Aaron Schnipke

"Crave Crush is an excellent alternative to indulging in my favorite sweets, ice cream, cookies, pie, and cake, just to name a few. This really helps me curb my cravings, stick to my diet and not cheat (not even a little). Great product from a great company with helpful and caring people."

Victoria B.

Soul Cycle Instructor
“ I love all things sweet, I use Crave Crush to help crush my craving for sugar. Take it after lunch to eliminate your desire for dessert!”

Barry Siff

"Crave Crush definitely has helped me achieve 30 days of zero candy, zero extra sweets, zero sugar cereals (like Cap’n Crunch!), and an overall major reduction in my sugar intake. The kicker is I still have unopened boxes of Valentine’s Day candy in my drawer, as well as my favorite See’s suckers on my desk … and I have zero interest in having them. When I find myself “craving” at times for a treat when I am full, like right after a meal or even other times, I simply pop a Crave Crush mint into my mouth, and the combination of its taste and its effect negates my crave."

Nick S.

2x Olympian, Track & Field
"Crave Crush is a fantastic and inventive product. I crave something sweet after nearly every meal and usually indulge in those cravings! However, there are times during my training when I need to lean down and Crave Crush really helps me shave calories. I especially like that its primary active ingredient, gymnema, comes from a natural leaf extract. Athletes are a picky bunch when it comes to their nutrition, but I can see Crave Crush being really popular with them."

Natalia Marrero

"When I first heard about Crave Crush, I knew I had to try it. I love all things sweet but, as a figure competitor that key transition from off season to competition prep is often the hardest time. Setbacks can kill progress, and my main culprit was always my sugar cravings. Crave Crush is an easy and convenient way to help ward off those cravings. Crave Crush will be a tremendous addition to my nutrition supplementation for my next shows!"

Vando C.

"As a former professional kick boxer, diet, nutrition and weight have always been important. Crave Crush is amazing. It helps me avoid sugar and eat less. I used to snack all night on bread, hot chocolate, and whatever else was around the kitchen. Now, I take a Crave Crush after dinner and that’s it – I don’t eat anything else between dinner and bedtime. I’ve lost 12lbs!”

Katy C.

“The period between Thanksgiving and New Years is the most challenging time of year to maintain a healthy lifestyle: offices are filled with sweets, champagne flows freely, and desserts are the highlight of every meal. I am normally disciplined about diet and exercise, but I have found Crave Crush to be essential during the holidays (and other periods of temptation) because it immediately eliminates cravings”

Mike A.

"Growing up I grew to acquire quite a sweet tooth. It's not been the easiest to get rid of but this is where Crave Crush comes in to help! I take my Crave Crush after dinner and it helps stop my sweet tooth in its tracks!"

Kinga W.

“I learned about Crave Crush from a friend, and as someone who's very conscious of what I put in my body, I was excited that it is derived from a plant and backed by science. Crave Crush has helped me control my sugar (chocolate) intake, and I have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels. Daily use has helped me build a positive feedback loop: eat better, exercise more, see results, and repeat."

Sharveen S.

"On my birthday last year, I wanted to have two bites of cake and then stop - something that I regularly fail to do with dessert. A friend handed me a Crave Crush at the dinner table after I had taken the first two bites, and the urge to have another bite of that cake (or even to finish my drink) immediately disappeared. I was stunned! I’ve carried Crave Crush in my bag ever since”

Emre A.

"As an endurance athlete any excess weight can have disastrous effects on my power to weight ratio, so I was thrilled to discover Crave Crush. I have always loved sweets, and Crave Crush did an amazing job in both blocking my sweet receptors and completely reducing my desire for sweet foods. Crave Crush has become a part of my diet and nutrition regiment as I prepare for my races in 2017!”

Emily R.

“Using Crave Crush is a great way to curb boredom snacking and stop cravings for dessert. But it's also great to take in the middle of a meal, when you know you have had enough but you keep going back for a few more bites. Crave Crush is definitely part of my plan to shed a few pounds for my wedding!”

Silja K.

“I gained 15 pounds last year, after several months of turning to sweets to deal with stress from work. I knew sugar was the problem but I didn’t know how to break away from it, and I couldn’t shed the weight by working out. Crave Crush has been a game changer - it helped me break the sugar addiction cycle and get back to my old weight.”

Meredith V.

“As a hopeless sugar fiend, I was highly skeptical that anything could ever stop me In my tracks from savagely indulging in two of my biggest weaknesses: chocolate & caramel. Crave Crush admirably stood up to the challenge, bringing me to a halt after only two bites. I’m impressed!”

Regina H.

Sugar has terrible long-term consequences for your health and waistline. As a health-conscious athlete, I know how important it is to quit the mindless snacking and stop eating when I'm full. I love to use Crave Crush at the end of a big meal, to save me from myself and my sweet tooth. I'm a huge fan of this product!

Mark L.

"When I first heard about Crave Crush I was skeptical. I only put the best into my body and never stand behind something that I wouldn't take myself and recommend to my clients. Containing some of the same ingredients as medicine used to help diabetes patients, I knew it had legs to stand on."

Kara G.

"I try to maintain a healthy diet but I have a weakness for sugar. Crave Crush helps me keep it in check. I can have a few bites of dessert knowing I won't be tempted to finish the entire treat. Crave Crush lets me break the sugar cycle and stop cravings for more! I keep it in my bag when I go out to eat so I can enjoy dessert without the risk of overindulging. The best!"

Lindsay T.

"Here’s the truth - half the time that I head to the office pantry around 3PM for a snack and it’s not because I’m hungry. It’s because I’m bored! Whenever I get that antsy feeling like I just need to reach for whatever sugary, carb-y nonsense someone has brought in that day (cupcakes, cookies, bagels!) I reach instead for my Crave Crush and I’m rewarded with a mint and no more cravings. Boom. I also love that the product is derived from a plant so I don't feel like I'm putting chemicals in my body"

Taylor S.

"As a college student who is a Bikini Competitor, when I discovered this product I immediately fell in love. Crave Crush is a fantastic product that helps me stay on track when it comes to my diets. While being in college, there are so many tempting treats, but with the help of this product I am able to save calories and easily achieve my goal!"

Mary E.

“I like having my Crave Crush in the evening, after dinner. It is like an after-dinner mint with a bonus. It keeps me from wanting to dig in to the ice cream or chocolate stash at home. It is the perfect end to a healthy meal!”

Trey H.

"As someone who does anabolic fasting (only eating 8 hours during the day), Crave Crush is a LIFESAVER when I'm craving something sweet while waiting for my first meal."

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